Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boys Like Nurturing Toys Too!

Who says your son, grand son or nephew won't like to take his friends for a spin in the Joovy Toy Caboose Stroller?

I remember when my second son was born, it was important that I had a rocking chair just his size for him to rock his baby to sleep while I rocked his little brother to sleep. Boys like to nurture too and that is why this series of toys are hits with all kids!

Made in a real stroller factory, this stroller is just like mom and dad's. It has a reclining seat and room for two friends. The patented platform seat is a Joovy exclusive. There is a basket underneath to carry extra gear to the park or mall. Super durable and the handle is 30" tall.

Boys and girls alike enjoy pretend play and this line of products will make everyone smile!

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Blue Joovy Toy Stroller

The Blue Joovy Caboose offers the same features and quality construction as the Pink Toy Caboose. Adorable and durable, these toys are made to endure. I've had parents tell me these are "keepers" they intend to store in the attic for their grandkids! Excellent quality and actually made in a real stroller factory. Attention to detail and a real kid magnet! Each toy Caboose can carry two friends. The tray is removable and each stroller comes with an infant car seat adapter to create a travel system for dolls! The Joovy infant car seat is a separate purchase. For ordering, please go to or email You will be very satisfied!

Joovy Toy Booster Seat for Dolls Teaches Car Safety

The best quality toys your money can buy!!!

This is a perfect accessory for your child's American Girl Doll or Stuffed Animal friend. These toys are made to last and last....

Joovy has developed the first doll booster car seat that helps children understand the importance of good passenger safety. They have done this while promoting fun and imaginative play time.

Children learn to imitate the role of a caring and responsible parent as they safely.

Secure a favorite doll or stuffed toy into the doll car seat.

Crash tested so safe in the car. LATCH compliant.

And parents find that their child is more cooperative about using their own car seat as a result!

The Joovy “Just-Like-Mine” Doll or Stuffed Toy Car Seat is engineered to perform similarly to a real car seat.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Infant Car Seat Creates Travel System For Dolls

The Joovy Toy Caboose and the Infant Car Seat create a fabulous play environment! The toy Caboose comes with the car seat attachment which nests the car seat to create a travel system just like mom and dad's! More play fun! Go to to get yours today! These toys are made in a REAL STROLLER FACTORY! They are constructed just like the real Joovy Cabooses. Incredible quality and value. Everyone LOVES the Caboose line of strollers and toys!

Joovy Infant Car Seat Toy

The best quality toys your money can buy!!!

This is a perfect accessory for your child's American Girl Doll or Stuffed Animal friend. These toys are made to last and last....

  • Carrier is a rocker when removed from the base. Rotate handle back to make it a feeding seat
  • Comfortable two-position handle grip is ergonomically designed for small hands
  • Unit is crash tested for passenger safety
  • 5-Point harness is fully adjustable for height and width. Fits dolls or stuffed toys 12 to 20 inches in length
  • Smooth seat belt attachment slot won’t fray belt edges
  • Safety base locks securely to vehicle seat using seat belt or LATCH restraint system. LATCH attachment is included.
  • Washable fabric removes easily for cleaning. Seat is padded just like a real car seat.
This cool toy works with the Joovy Toy Caboose Stroller to create a travel system for dolls. This sets offers so much pretend play value along with the practical lessons of life and emulating mom!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toys Season Has Arrived!!!

It appears as though the official toy buying season is upon us! Can it be that Christmas is only five and a half weeks away? Well, if you are looking for that slam dunk gift for your child of the nurturing sort, think of the Joovy, Just-Like-Mine line of toys. The one we feature today is the Joovy Pink Toy Doll Caboose. This stroller is actually made in a real stroller factory and is a miniature version of their Caboose line of strollers. It comes with the patented platform seat in back so your child can carry more than one friend (doll or stuffed animal) at a time. It has a big storage basket underneath for carrying the necessary extras. This stroller is larger and taller than most toy strollers on the market. It is extra durable and will be one of the toys you can stick away in the attic for grand children. The toy Caboose comes equipped with an infant car seat adapter which allows your child to make a travel system out of their stroller. The adapter comes with the stroller but the Joovy Infant Car Seat is another item in the line. We will discuss that tomorrow. The stroller will accomodate most larger dolls, specifically the American Girl line of dolls (20 - 22 ") The handle is 30" off the ground. This product ranks high in quality and value. Check it out at