Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Brookfield Zoo; Sox and Cubby and MORE!!

It doesn't matter if you're a Sox fan or Cubbie fan, take your kiddos to see these adorable and playful rookies at the Brookfield  Zoo in Chicago!  Get the Ultralight loaded up and head out for a day full of fun and adventure.  Kids love to see animals up close and personal and the Brookfield Zoo has a huge variety of animals! 

This first class zoo has amazing educational programs for older children as well as adults.  These programs inspire and encourage young people to be responsible to animals from close to home to animals from around the world.  Exposing our children to the animals of the world is not only entertaining, it teaches us to be citizens of the world and give us a reason to love science!
Visiting any zoo can be daunting so it's a good idea to plan your trip before heading out.  We suggest you choose one area of the zoo and try not to overdo.  Better to come back again!  Check out Zoo Chats
which offer an inside look behind the scenes!  One of the zookeepers will share secrets and up close perspectives of various tenants at the zoo. 
Brookfield offers a Share the Care program that allows you and your family to adopt Featured Creatures and other animals. This endearing program will bring joy to your children knowing that they have adopted an animal to care and love.
The zoo offers many membership options with excellent benefits including free parking and free admission, unlimited free admission to the children's zoo.
Enjoy the day and happy strolling! 

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